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Appointments & Costs


We can provide physiotherapy treatment for anyone presenting with physical problems as a result of a neurological condition.

We aim to meet the specific physical needs and targets of our clients; therefore, whether requiring a course of treatment or simply assessment and advice, we are happy to help.

Assessment and treatment sessions can be arranged at home or at one of our clinic locations.

Follow up appointments will vary in number and length according to individual need. Following your assessment you and your physiotherapist will discuss a plan as to what input is recommended in order to help you achieve your aims.

Everyone is different and some people need or want more help from their physiotherapist than others. We understand this and want to get what is right for you.


Individual Neurological Physiotherapy sessions

Home Visit:

  • Home Initial assessment: £105.00
  • Home visit follow up treatment up: £90.00
  • Travel is included within our standard home visit assessment and follow up sessions

Worton Clinic / Bosworth Clinic Appointments

  • Client Assessment: £95.00
  • Clinic follow up - extended 60 mins: £90.00
  • Clinic follow up - 45 mins: £80.00
  • PD Class Assessment 30 mins: £60.00

Classes & Group Sessions

Single Class

Class Bundle (per class)

PD Attack Class £15.00 £12.50
PD ONline £12.50 £10.00
Neurofit £18.00 £16.33
Pilates for Parkinsons £60.00 for 4

We accept cash and card payments for appointments at our clinics. Home visits will be invoiced by email and paid by online bank transfer or card payments using stripe. Cheques can be accepted with prior agreement.

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We realise you may wish to speak to one of our specialist neurological therapists to find our if your problem is appropriate for physiotherapy treatment. Email or call to arrange a free telephone consultation. There is no obligation to book an appointment following telephone consultation. The service is provided to help people choose whether physiotherapy is the right treatment for them.